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Beeswax Not Yours Incorporated

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23. Girl. Geek. Tattooed. Leeds. Comics. Punk Rock. Books. New Found Glory. Carousels. Superheroes. LOLCats. Audrey Hepburn. Polaroids. Sleeping. Dancing. Singing Along. Animal Crackers. Anally Tidy. Bows. Text Messages. Friends. Laughing Constantly.

3d glasses, acoustic guitars, adrian tomine, adventures, alan moore, arrested development, art, audrey hepburn, bags, baking, ballet pumps, balloons, beards, being organised, benefit makeup, blackadder, board games, book shops, books, carousels, cath kidston, cities at night, cleaning, clothes, clumsy, cocktails, comics, coney island, cooking, crafts, craig thompson, crosswords, crowns, cupcakes, cynicism, dancing, dancing in underwear, daniel clowes, daydreaming, dictionary, dinosaurs, doctor who, embroidery, etsy, exploring, eyebrows, feminism, flickr, flight of the conchords, foreign currancy, foreign films, french knickers, funfairs, gilmore girls, green eyes, green tea, gregory peck, grey's anatomy, gym, hardcore, harry potter, hijinks & mischief, history, ikea, in jokes, itunes genius, itunes u, jane austen, jeffrey brown, kurt halsey, laughing, leeds, letters, liz prince, lomography, long island iced tea, louis theroux, lush, mahjong, martha stewart, milkshakes, mixtapes, moleskins, mr darcy, museums, naps, nerdy boys & girls, nesting dolls, new found glory, new york, nintendo ds, otters, oxymorons, packages, palaeontology, pen pals, people watching, peter pan, photography, pigs, polaroids, pop punk, post, pugs, punk, pushing daisies, quotes, ranting, reading, record players, records, riot grrl, rosy cheeks, royal mail, rude words, sarcasm, sci fi, scott pilgrim, simon pegg, singing along, slip on vans, soya milk, spring, star gazing, starbucks, staying in, stephen fry, superheroes, swimming, tara mcpherson, tattoos, text messages, the discovery channel, the history channel, the office, transatlantic sleepovers, traveling, treasure hunts, vegetarian, vintage childrens books, vintage game systems, walking, walks, wikipedia, world wars, zines, zombies